About Me

I'm a master's student at UC San Diego ​studying molecular biology. I currently work in the Hasty Lab to design and build synthetic gene circuits in budding yeast. My primary interests and career goals are in scientific research, however I have other projects, including my blog and my advocacy for milk cap color standardization, that are showcased here on my website.


Though the specifics have varied throughout my scientific career, my primary scientific research interests have always been in synthetic and molecular biology. My current research interests are in engineering synthetic gene circuits taking advantage of systems that already exist in cells. I am currently applying to Ph.D. programs in synthetic biology and molecular biology in order to further explore my research interests and gain more experience in the mathematical and computational side of this field.

I do stuff outside of the lab too. I enjoy humor and satire writing, primarily on my blog, which can loosely be defined as a mix of investigative journalism and bad ideas. I also know a bit of programming, which I use for a variety of projects. Besides these, I'm a huge fan of Formula 1 and Formula E racing. My main hobbies (currently) are racquetball, sim racing, and board gaming. Reach out if you'd like to talk about my research or any of the other fun things I do!

Curriculum Vitae (updated November 2020)